The Village of Chatham needs to increase water and sewer rates in order to meet the rising costs of providing this service. The increase is scheduled to go into effect March 1, 2017.

Currently the Village rates use a minimum charge for the first 1,000 cubic feet used and a de-escalating charge for each 1,000 cubic foot of water used thereafter. This structure is unfair to those households who use less water, such as 400 – 500 cubic feet, but pay the same as those who use twice that amount. The de-escalating charge provides no incentive for conservation.

We are now proposing a straight per cubic foot usage charge. This means that households will pay a fee based on the actual water/sewer services used, giving you some control of your bill by monitoring use and conserving where possible.

The Village water/sewer rates have been much lower than other local towns and villages and remain so even with the proposed increases. The minimum charge for water/sewer in Philmont is $125.00 per quarter. In Kinderhook, 1,000 cubic feet of water/sewer costs over $150.00 per quarter. With the new rates in the Village, 1,000 cubic feet will cost $110.00.

A great deal of work has been done on the water/sewer infrastructure in order to meet state requirements and ensure that we all have safe water to drink. These projects include a 2 million dollar upgrade to the sewer plant, a quarter million dollar paint job to the existing water tower and an $800,000 water tower to replace our open reservoir currently in the works. In addition, pipeline is being replaced a little at a time throughout the Village.

We have been getting water and sewer services at bargain rates for a long time, but now we have to bring the rates in line with the quality service we receive.

You will find by clicking here – Proposed wsrates2017 and Proposedwsrates2017P2 – a chart that shows the proposed new rate for each category of customer for water and sewer. On the second page is a chart with examples of what new rates might look like depending on your water/sewer usage.

We are asking that residents who have questions and comments attend this Public Comment Period to understand the necessity for this rate change and to ask questions about how this rate change will affect them. We will also accept written comments addressed to the Board of Trustees through February 22, 2017. Letters can be mailed to 77 Main Street in Chatham, NY 12037. Emails can be sent to .

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