Village Court

Please be advised that on February 8, 2021 the Village of Chatham made the decision to eliminate the Village Court and the position of Village Justice. The Village of Chatham is divided between the Town of Ghent and The Town of Chatham.

If you have a matter currently pending in the Village of Chatham Court, your case has been transferred to either the TOWN COURT OF GHENT or the TOWN COURT OF CHATHAM. 

Notification of a new date and time will be made by the Town Court by mail.

After April 5, 2021 do not appear at the Village of Chatham Court.

All correspondence after April 5, 2021 should be directed to the Town Court designated for your case.

Payments made after April 5, 2021 should be made to the Town Court assigned to your case.

If you are unsure which Town Court to contact you may call (518)392-5821 x3 for assistance.

Thank you,

Desiree Kelleher, Village of Chatham Clerk