Building and Zoning

building construction

photo: Lisa Johnson

The Village zoning ordinance addresses such items as residential, commercial and industrial district regulations, changes in building use, historic over-zone issues, building lot requirements, and additions or alterations.

If you are planning to do any work on your property, you must contact the Building Inspector. Work that is not properly permitted is subject to a fine.

The Building Inspector is available at the Tracy Memorial Village Hall by appointment only 1pm-3:30pm Tuesday, and 8:30am-3:30pm Friday.

Examples of Jobs That Require a Building Permit

– building a new structure
– building an addition onto your house
– putting up a fence
– installing a swimming pool
– repairing your front steps
– installing a wood stove
– remodeling your kitchen
– finishing your basement

How to Apply for a Building Permit

Contact the Building Inspector and fill out a Building/Use Permit.  Deliver the completed application to the Village of Chatham, Village Hall and pay the required fee as instructed by the Building Inspector.