Snow Removal: Storm ending 3/15/2023

In light of the large accumulation of snow left by the recent storm, the Village of Chatham Department of Public Works will soon begin assisting residents with the removal of snow from sidewalks in front of their property.

The Village Board of Trustees recognizes that the volume of snow left after the storm has been overwhelming to many residents and has temporarily suspended the issuance of any citations for failure to clear the snow. 

The Mayor and the Village Board of Trustees would like to formally commend and thank the Department of Public Works, the Chatham Police Department, and the Chatham Fire Department for their dedication and incredibly hard work during the storm.  During the Snow Emergency, the DPW worked for 30 hours straight with only a 1-hour break.  The Chatham Police Department supported the DPW for over 24 hours with traffic control while the all volunteer Chatham Fire Department answered calls and maintained an overnight emergency warming charging station at the fire station and distributed dry ice and water.  


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