Ongoing Storm Cleanup

The Village cleanup will continue into this week. The DPW has access to a wood chipper for a LIMITED TIME ONLY and will get to each street ONE TIME ONLY.

If you had branches fall in your yard during the storm, please put them out to the curb this weekend. Pile them so they are lying in one direction, with the butt end facing down the street, so we can run them through a chipper.

We can not use the chipper on piles that have been grappled together with a piece of machinery, jumbled together and going in different directions.

The crew is going to go around the Village, each street, just one time per street.

Again, starting Monday, anything put out to the curb after the chipper goes through, will not be picked up.

We only have a chipper on rent through next Friday, and the DPW would like to use it on each street at-least once.

Any questions please contact the clerks office, (518)392-5821, or email , or .

The DPW will not be able to manage messages left for them through Facebook. Thank you.

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