Frozen Water Pipe Prevention Suggestions

The temperatures continue to be extremely low causing many residents and businesses to have problems with freezing pipes.  We have a few suggestions and/or recommendations to help prevent your pipes from freezing:

Keep your cabinet doors open or ajar to allow for heat flow.  It is best to have heat in your basement since that is where most water pipes are located.  If you think you are already having a problem with freezing, allow for a constant stream of running water in the faucet at least as thick as a pencil or 1/4″ thick (per DPW).  If you own a vacant house, we recommend turning the heat on to prevent your pipes from freezing or call the DPW to have the water turned off at the curb to prevent freezing of the pipes.

If your pipes do freeze or you think you have a possibility of frozen pipes, you can contact the DPW to come to your house to assist you (even if just recommendations).  The DPW phone number is (518) 392-2525.

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