Comprehensive Plan Committee

Comprehensive Plan Committee (CPC)

In 1995, after a nearly three-year process, the Village of Chatham adopted a comprehensive plan. This was followed the next year by adoption of a revised zoning code to support many of the suggestions in the plan.

Much has changed in Chatham over the ensuing 18 years. For example, the railroad depot and the Chatham House, then both in derelict condition, have since been fully restored and are now among the showpieces of the Village; the DOT project widened sidewalks and built a traffic circle at the north end of Main Street; sidewalks were constructed along Route 66 extending all the way to Crellin Park.

In June, 2013, Mayor Thomas Curran and the Village Board appointed a committee comprised of members from local boards and organizations to review the 1995 plan and revise it, and the zoning, as needed. Committee members are Lael Locke (chair), Joanne DelRossi, Kevin Ellis, Aaron Gaylord, Karen Kaczmar, Leo Ponter, Melissa Sarris and Michael Wollowitz. Ellen Jouret-Epstein, a land use planner with the Columbia Land Conservancy, was hired as a consultant to assist the committee in its work.

Comprehensive planning is a process, as well as a product, and public input is vital. The involvement of the community will ensure that the goals of the plan will reflect the needs of the Village. Accordingly, committee members are meeting with key stakeholders, establishing ad hoc committees, and holding periodic public workshops throughout the process.

We would like to know what you think about your Village. Is it a good place in which to live, to work, to shop? What would make it better? These are all questions that will be addressed in the coming months, but please feel free to give us your thoughts now. The Committee can be contacted by e-mail at  or on Facebook at Chatham CompReview.